Introducing a PVC-free carpet with noxious gas occurance suppression that is extremely fire resistant

An extremely combustion resistant, fire resistant and flame resistant PVC free tile carpet


PVC-free carpet






Vessels, Aviation, Automobile, Highrise Residences



Items that meet the rigorous requirements for ships are also approved for use in aircraft, automobile, high-rise buildings and private residences as well as places and factories where fire is used.


In high rise buildings, when the material is being lifted up, being lightweight makes loads easier to carry.。


【Labor Maximization】
Because it is a tile carpet, there is no need for protective wall covering


【Very Efficient】
We here are at Yoshidafusa Orimono have developed original products (tile carpet products that are noxious gas occurance suppressant and extremely fire resistant) from an completely new technological perspective, meeting the rigorous requirements of Japans’ only incorporated foundation, The Japan Ship-Machinery Quality Control Association. These products meet the requirements put forth in the Associations Product Evaluation Center’s FTP Code Part 2 and FTP Code Part 5 which deal with surface combustion, smoke and poisonous (noxious) examinations.


Only products that meet these requirements can be approved for use in the formally recognized handbook ( Japan’s Domestic Standards for Sea-Going Vessels) and CE Marking (The International Standard).。


Unlike tile carpet that was previously used in ships, these products are lighter, extremely combustion resistant, fire resistant and flame resistant, making them safe for use, providing you with peace of mind.


▼PVC free Tile Carpet Cross Section (Click to enlarge the picture)PVC free Tile Carpet Cross-Section


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