Company Policy


The Sensitive Artisan Company

Highly advanced, artistic company  ~ From the Factory to Factory in your mind 〜  

Since the 21st century, China has become the factory of the world and how we view cost has changed dramatically.

We have taken this time to polish both our engineering prowess and our artistic sensitivity.

The corporations of the world have seen our dedication to quality and have given us manufacturing work.

We believe that being a company tested like this will help us grow and expand our potential.

There are manufacturing companies in Italy with a very high level of engineering expertise and they are doing very well.

We can really respect the passion that they put into their design work.

When it come to the making things, we believe that Japanese intuition and engineering sense allows us to keep improving and take our products on to the next stage.

We have found patters, colors and designs that provide healing to man.

And all over the world, from ancient times until the present, we have found evidence that requires more research.

Further, in order to have the sensitivity to lead the world creatively, we must respond deftly to this information-bloated world

and react instantaneously to this reality and become a thinking factory.


Artisan      =        a craftsman, a worker, a skilled factory worker and an artist 

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