asfa Division

Our {asfa Coating} is a special dyeing technology that we have developed that allows us make digital recordings on fiber.

In the process of developing cosmetics that decrease skin irritation in women, we spent more than ten years creating a very special type of water that treated life very delicately and creating the asfa technology that makes it possible for us to record the signal (CYMOS60) onto fiber.

What’ CYMOS60?

The fibers that were treated with asfa all recorded the following behaviors

  • Static electricity was suppressed
  • The body’s ability to conduct electricity was increased
  • An increased recoverability when doing aerobic exercise
  • It helps balance the body while sleeping.

We have received production instruction from Advans Inc. on how to use the ASFA technology and now we offer ASFA bedding and carpet products as well as towels and they are available for sale through the internet and mail order.


About asfa coating


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