Floor Covering Division

Counting on the latest systems to provide a pleasant environment for creation

Acceleration, Rationalization Utilizing the latest Technology

Carpet – essential to creating a pleasant interior space.

Equipped to deal with evolving color, design and quality needs,
our company handles everything from the weaving to the final touches,
and inspection, we have a complete production system in the line up.

Beginning with computer operated CYP equipment that handles 5/32 gauge cuts and tufted cuts,

we can do backing, drying, finishing, everything.

We utilize an advanced production system.

We incorporate the principles of high quality and efficiency with speedy production

and we are proud of the reliability of our quality.

By creating superior products, we like to think we have lent a hand in creating comfortable interior space.


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▼Floor Covering Exhibition Space   Click on the picture to enlarge.敷物部 展示室


▼Manufacturing Process   Click on the picture to enlarge.
敷物部 製造工程


Patent Registration

Registration Number 3465187 [Carpet Underlay and Material Needed to Create Underlay]

Registration Number 3937040 [Carpet Manufacturing Process and Carpet Created Using said Method]

Registration Number 3937041 [Toxic Gas Suppressant Carpet]

Registration Number 3937041   [The Three-Layer Carpet and the Manufacturing Method]

Model Certification Acquisition

Name of Item                  Upper Surface Finishing Material (Surface Floor Covering Material)

Min. of Land, Infrastructure and Transport   No. F-426   Model No.   YF Tile W

Min. of Land, Infrastructure and Transport   No. F-427   Model No.   YF Carpet W


 Introduction of Various Operations


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