Blanket Division

Since our beginning, we have had the struggle to protect the old along with flexibility to accept something truly exceptional

Japan has four seasons. And because of this,

The process of trial and error, the creative passion to improve,

surely this has burnished our sensitivity.

There is a very mysterious word in Japanese called “fuh ai” or texture.

Perhaps the true meaning of this word is something that only Japanese can comprehend.

While this may be a trait unique to the Japanese, to develop a sensitivity like this is extremely important

This is the sixth sense that the craftsman utilizes when working,

this attention to detail is an inherent part of being Japanese.

It is important for the world to understand this about us.


The contact point for the blanket division is here

▼Blankets Exhibition Space    Click on the picture to enlarge.毛布部展示場


▼Preparation Process    Click on the picture to enlarge.

Actual New Product Patents 

 Registration Number 3047777   [Bulky Mouton-like Blanket]

  Registration Number 3030365  [A Pat Spread]

  Registration Number 3030366  [Double-Faced Blanket]

  Registration Number 1711455  [Three-Layer, Cotton-filled, Meyer Blanket]

  Registration Number 3097554  [Silk Cloth with Fibers on the Upper Side]


 Introduction of Various Operations


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