Your Fit Hospital Curtain

Features of Your Fit Hospital Curtain

Environment also friendly to people , antibacterial and deodorant technology that does not use the drug .
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 Antibacterial and antiviral effect

It can be adsorbed decompose the bacteria and viruses that has adhered to the adsorptive decomposition action curtain .
After the industrial washing 15 times ( high temperature accelerated washing method) , even a very strong effect lasts .

Odor eliminating

It will cut smell more than 70 % to 90 % average in the ( sweat odor , body odor and excretion odor ) ” ammonia , acetic acid and isovaleric acid – Inenaru – indole ” the two hours that is included in the like that occur in life habits .

Cedar pollen reduction effect

For the Japanese cedar pollen , strong reducing action at the earth-plus material has been confirmed .

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