Company Outline


Company Name (Registered Name) Yoshidafusa Orimono Co., Ltd.
【Head Quarters】
1-13-36 Itahara, Izumiotsu City, Osaka Prefecture 595-0033,Japan
TEL.+81-725-33-1605(Main) FAX.+81-725-21-4775
【Tokyo Office】
Sekiguchi Building 1F, 1-2-6 Shibadaimon, Minato Ward, Tokyo Prefecture
Tel +81-3-6450-1091 FAX +81-3-6450-1091
【Nagasaki Branch】
West Japan Newspaper Nagasaki Building 6F, Suite 03,Umamachi 24, Nagasaki City,Nagasa 850-0022,Japan
Tel +81-95-895-9420 FAX +81-95-895-9428
Products Carried
Wool blankets ( Meyer woolowoven wool material), tufted carpet
Construction Approval
Minister of Land,Infrastructure and Transportation(Special-27)Number 26120
Approved Patents
As of April 10th, 2016, we have 12 approved patents
Also a number of patents pending (World patents included)
May of 1924
Aug 1952
Capitalization Amount
20 Million Japanese yen (JPY)
Chairman Yoshida Shigeki
Chief Executive Officer Yoshida Fusaki
Directors Representative General Manager Nakamura Hirohiko
Representaive General Manager Yoshida Hiroki
Representative  Tsuji Kisao
Representative  Yoshida Shinsuke
Representative Yoshida Mikiko
Bank Affiliation
Resona Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank
Place of Business
Head Quarters (Sales Division, Distribution Division, Construction Division, Advance KK, asfa Manufacturing Division)
First Factory (Wool Blanket Manufacturing Division)
Second Factory (Brushed Wool Manufacturing Division)
Second Factory Affiliated Storage
Third Factory (Carpet and Floor Covering Manufacturing)
Third Factory (Branch Factory)
Fourth Factory (Woven Wool Blanket Division)
Fourth Factory Affiliated Storage
First Floor Covering Distribution Center
Second Floor Covering Distribution Center
Third Distribution Center
Head Quarter Blanket Distribution Center
Corporate History
1924 May : First generation president, Yoshida Fusataro began
wool blanket business
1952 Aug : Became incorporated, changed name to Yoshidafusa
Orimono Co., Ltd.
1973 May : Started manufacturing of carpets
1991 Aug : Began a Commercial Materials Division and commenced
sales activity
2002 May : Third factory attained JIS (Japan Industrial Standards)
2005 May : Began Asfa Division and commenced sales activity
2006 Jan : Attained ISO 9001, 2000 Certification (Quality Control)
for the Floor Covering Division
2008 Feb : Attained ISO 14001, 2004 Certification (Environment)
for Head Quarters and Flooring Covering Division
2009 May : Yoshida Fusaki became president
2009 Nov : ISO 9001o2008 Renewed and expanded ISO certification
Certification (Quality Control) Floor Coverings Division
2011 Mar : Your Fit Service Co., Ltd
2011 May : Tokyo Branch established
2011 May : Nagasaki Branch established
Welfare and Social Insurance
Attained (Health Insurance, Pension Insurance, Employment
Insurance, Fire Insurance)
All Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry General Insurance
Mid-Small sized companies retirement benefits
Workers Compensation (Construction Materials Division)
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