Privacy policy

Privacy policy

At this site, we are completely to protecting the privacy of our guests, including the details of their personal information.

At this site, whether or not to provide us with personal data is the perogative of the guest and we have limited the requested information to the minimum and any other information provide to us is completely the decision of the guest.

【Gathering of Personal Information】
At times on this site, we will gather a minimum of personal data.
At those time, we will be clear as to the purpose for gathering this information

【Protection of Personal Information】
At this site, we will store personal data from our clients appropriately and will take rational measures to prevent the loss or leaking of personal information.

【Provision and Display of Personal Information】
On our homepage, the personal information provided to us by our clients will not be provided or displayed to any third party unless required to do so by the law.

【Questions from Guest】
Upon confirmation of the guests’ identity, we will appropriately respond to requests for modifications and changes to update our data.

【Regarding Agreement from Guests】
When guests visit our site, we are working with the assumption that they understand and have agreed to our policy regarding the management of personal information.

Further, we believe that the choice to frequent the site is the perogative of the guest.
In the future, the content of this page may change without notification so please understand.

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